3 new research papers on Customary Land

Three new research papers have just been added to our Research page.

Using the Plurality of Registers to Investigate Conflict over Customary Land‘ attempts to articulate the disconnected worldview between indigenous values and capitalist interests. This paper critically examines the tensions that result when common law attempts to establish a commercial rights (i.e. a property right) over customary land.

Demystifying the Valuation of Customary Land‘ breaks sown the myths and mystique that surrounds the valuation of customary land.  Whilst appreciating that the inalienable notions of land held by the customary stewards (or guardians) is very at odds with the commodity view of the West that emphasises individual ownership, we attempt to deconstruct these tensions associated with social and economic value through a property rights approach.

Towards the Valuation of Unregistered Land‘ reports on an ongoing UN-Habitat/Global Land Tools Network initiative we are involved with that strives to facilitate the valuation of unregistered land (which forms 70% of land ownership in developing countries).

We hope that you find them useful.

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